Should a Man Accused of War Crimes Be Permitted to Serve As a Federal Judge?

There are many rights that human beings have no matter what country they live in.  Even if a person has committed a crime, that man or woman is entitled to legal defense, and also to not be subjected to certain interrogation methods if they happen to be holding valuable information.  When someone is under arrest, the law enforcement is entitled to use certain tactics to get that information, but there are some lines that should never be crossed, and no one should be tortured no matter what information they are holding.  Right now there is a Federal judge named Jay Bybee, and there are many people that want to see him stop being a judge because he permitted the use of torture, which is a violation of not only laws, but basic human rights as well.


What is the definition of torture? Most people would say that torture is anything that can be used to inflict pain on someone else in order to get them to reveal a secret or any information they may be keeping.  There are many different kinds of torture including the kind that can inflict physical pain, and the kind of torture that can damage someone on a more psychological level.  Though the definitions of torture may vary, the meaning is the same, which is pain being inflicted on people for the sake of getting information from them. However, according to Judge Jay Bybee, the definition of torture is very specific, and he put those specifics in a series of memos that became known as the torture memos.  Who is Judge Jay Bybee and how is it that he is still a judge after the torture memos that he was responsible for went public?

Judge Jay Bybee is a Federal judge that is serving the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals that is located in San Francisco, California.  When George W. Bush was President of the United States, Bybee served as assistant attorney general of the Justice Department.  It was during his tenure with the Justice Department that Bybee sent the torture memos.  As a direct result of Bybee’s torture memos, people who were held in Abu Ghraib prison and in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were subjected to torture that was a direct violation of the Geneva Convention and other doctrine that states that people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.  Many people have asked just how is it possible that Bybee, a man who taught hundreds of students about the laws of the United States, could have such an incorrect opinion on what is considered torture?  The answers as to why Bybee had such a distinct opinion on what constitutes torture may never be known, but the fact is that he should have to answer for what he has done because he was appointed a judge before any of the memos from 2002 were available to the public. However, now that the truth about Bybee and his torture memos is known, he should step down as judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals because if the Senate had known about those memos then he would have never gotten the job as judge in the first place.

Every citizen of the world deserves to have certain rights no matter what country they call home.  When someone is arrested, and held by law enforcement, they may hold vital information to other crimes, but the methods that the law enforcement officers use to get that information should not go beyond a certain point.  Torture should not be condoned no matter what purpose it serves, and any judge that authorizes the use of such methods should not be allowed to continue their job overseeing cases and judging others.

23 Dec 2013

Liberals Are Trying to Impeach Federal Judge

The men and women who become federal judges have to behave in a way that is above reproach. Being a judge is a huge responsibility, and these men and women have to sit in judgment of others, which is impossible to do if they themselves have questionable conduct whether it is in the


present or in the past.  If a judge is suspected of wrongdoing, then that man or woman should be investigated, and if the allegations turn out to be correct, they should be removed from office immediately.   One judge has been accused of wrong doing, and liberal activists are trying to get Judge Jay Bybee removed from office for allegedly signing a document stating that certain interrogation techniques did not violate any laws pertaining to torture.

Back in August of 2002, Bybee served as a lawyer with the Office of Legal Counsel, a division of the Justice Department.  The memos that Bybee wrote, which are now called the “torture memos,” gave permission for agencies that engage in intelligence work to use interrogation techniques that many consider to be cruel and unusual methods of extracting information from prisoners.   Because of these memos, two House democrats, John Conyers of Michigan and Jerry Nadler of New York, are calling for a special investigation to see if prisoner interrogations violated any laws. Conyers and Nadler are trying to contact Attorney General Eric Holder to head the investigation, but whether or not Holder will do anything is unclear because there are many that do not agree with Conyers and Nadler, and therefore, do not agree with Bybee being removed from office.  However, if Holder does not do anything, Nadler will still continue to take action against Bybee, and other members of the House have expressed interest in also seeing Bybee stepping down from the bench.  Conyers has also stated that he has the same agenda Nadler does, and has said that he will look into the matter as well and promised that action will be taken.

There are people that support Conyers and Nadler, like John Podesta, who is President Barrack Obama’s transition chief, who has also joined the two men is seeing to it that Judge Bybee be removed from office.  Podesta believes that Bybee should be impeached because as a judge, Bybee sat in judgment of cases, and exercised his authority, but at the same time, he himself was guilty of allowing questionable tacticts for extracting

23 Dec 2013